Congratulations Annamie! October 04 2020, 0 Comments

What a night last night as Annamie Paul was elected as the new Leader of the Green Party of Canada. Congratulations to her and her family and team for such an achievement. Canada and the Greens need real, bold leadership now. Let's all get behind her and change Canada into a country we can all be alot more proud of.

With 8 leadership contestants some of us may be disappointed with the results today.  I encourage you to look at the powerful selection of candidates we were able to deliver for you choose from.  It was a pleasure for me to vote knowing that I had several great people to pick from for my first choice.  This powerful team is here in your party now and it is clear that the Green Party is able to attract even more solid candidates for future campaigns.  New leadership at the top and a new Executive Director to be hired will bring the Green Party to the next level of success.  Let's make this happen!

More history last night as the Leadership Results were shown live on CBC Newsworld and CPAC.  Kudos to CPAC for their particularity good job.  For the first time Canadians could see Greens in action and hear our unfiltered messages clearly.  A great and historic night last night for the Green Party of Canada.

A huge thank you to Elizabeth May for being our champion for the last 13 years.  The party has really begun to hit it's stride under your leadership and the new leader will take Elizabeth's legacy and build on this foundation something really strong and good for all Canadians and for our planet.

So what is next?  We need to win the by-election on right now in Toronto Centre.  Please join the team locally or remotely in GVote and get Annamie elected.  With a new base seat in Toronto the Green Party can only grow.  All of us need to make this an urgent cause for the next few weeks.

Lastly, how can the Green Gear Store help you?  We have a complete line of custom PPE materials available along with all of our classic Green Party apparel, printed material, buttons, signs, banners, tents and everything else that you need.  We are always looking for suggestions on ways we can improve or help you better.  Contact us today with questions, ideas or suggestions and for help with your campaign.