2015 is here and GPC Gear is ready to go! March 02 2015, 0 Comments

Good day! Congratulations on being a GPC candidate. Well done!  Canada needs more like you.  Also thank you to organizers, supporters and GPC fans. Please place your orders today.

We try to ship next day on all of our in-stock items and will advise on any back-order products. We also provide custom items like the print materials, buttons and signs that require personalisation in the printing. These will take one to two weeks for delivery after artwork final approval. We will contact you for printing information after receipt of the order and provide a confirmation proof before proceeding.

We have options available today for all of your campaign needs and part of our proceeds go back to the party. More is coming as it is approved by GPC party HQ over the next few months!

Check out our:

-GPC Clothing
-Promotional GPC products
-All of your printing
-Campaign Signs
-active Web site/Social Media
-Mobile Marketing
-Direct Mail

We can provide any of our products in a custom version for your campaign, riding, candidate or event. Get your GPC banners, business cards, signs and web all taken care of by Greens for Greens.  www.GPCGear.ca has everything that you need.  Focus on the campaign instead of coming up with the materials yourself.  Deliver your three M’s – Members/Message/Money - the critical pieces of a winning campaign and see your campaign grow.

Please call or reply here if you have any questions!

Thank you,

Ian McGugan